The 2016 Newton Charity Investment Survey

While what charities consider to be a sustainable withdrawal rate remains unchanged, they are withdrawing less to spend on charitable objectives than in previous years.

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Our investment philosophy

Our global, thematic investment approach in a nutshell

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inPerspective – March 2017

The economic implications of a Trump presidency, the 2017 outlook from our sector and responsible investment analysts, and key findings from our Charity Investment Survey.

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Investment comment – January 2017

2016: Worst. Year. Ever? As a remarkable 12 months drew to a close, the question was addressed in The New York Times – with due dismissiveness. But events during the year were certainly disruptive, and it was perhaps no surprise that ‘hygge’, a Danish concept which encompasses ideas of cosiness and simplicity, was in fashion. In financial markets, meanwhile, investors appeared to find their own cosiness.

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