We offer a range of equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies, some of which are designed especially for charities investors.

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Our investment team

Newton uses a coherent, collaborative and enduring team-based investment approach. The entire investment team is responsible for generating investment ideas.

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Charity curvey 2015

Newton charity investment survey 2015

We recently repeated our survey of leading charity investors. The 2014 survey provided an interesting snapshot of the charity sector from an investment perspective. This year we aim to build on that with trend analysis of changes year-on-year. Look out for the 2015 findings later in the year.

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Investment Comment – July 2015

The start of July was delayed by the addition of a ‘leap second’ at the end of June, which allowed atomic clocks to stay in sync with the Earth’s gradually slowing rotation. However, no amount of time-tinkering could bring resolution to the Greek crisis – a source of mounting unease for investors, and a reminder of the significant debt-related fault lines in the global economy.

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